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Monday, June 29, 2009

Back To The Beginning

When I think back to the beginning I can still sort of remember my natural hair color. Almost.
I was eighteen years old, and full of hope for my future acting career in New York City.
I just knew it wouldn't be long before an agent or director plucked me from the crowd of unknowns and made me a star.
If I can make it here I can make it anywhere right?
Well who'd have thought it would be so effing hard to make it here! Christ!
I had moved to the big city from the small city completely unarmed in life skills and short on money.
In fact, when I got to Brooklyn from Maine, my checking balance was $78.94.
I needed a job.
After some time staring at the walls of my new pad in NYC, I got up the courage to venture to the nearest store.
It was a Duane Read. We didn't have those where I come from. I went outside and took my checkbook to buy toothpaste, shampoo,and Ramen Noodles to last the week.
Duane Read didn't take checks and the dude working looked at me like I was a total retard. "We don't take checks here fashizzle" he told me.
Luckily I had some cash, but after that shopping spree I was down to $70.00 in funds.
Not good.
I hadn't been discovered at the drug store. Not good either....
Since that day almost seven years ago, I have had over eighteen "support" jobs, not including Promo jobs, background work,temp work, and the verysporadic but valued paying acting jobs.
This blog will follow my journey through the good, the bad and the craziness of working crap jobs trying to survive and still have a dream.
So buckle your seat belt and keep your arms and legs inside this blog while reading.