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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Acting lessons from Jeff Goldblum

In 2003 after doing background work in School Of Rock I was inspired to make more connections in "The Biz". I signed up to be a volunteer usher for the hit off Broadway production of "The Exonerated" at Bleecker Street Theatre. The celebrity cast was rotating at the time, and on the day I was called in to usher Jeff Goldblum was acting in the show. I was told to wear all black and show up 2 hours prior to showtime.

I arrived at the theatre and was briefed on seating charts. Alone in the theatre, I helped clean up trash and leftover programs from the previous show. A few minutes into my cleaning, a man in a full black parka, with a full fur trimmed hood arrived in the theatre.

At first I didn't recognise him, but he pulled his hood down and walked up to me with his hand offered and said "Hi, I'm Jeff Goldblum". Of course I knew who he was from being a big Jurassic Park fan, and my Mom always talking about how great "The Fly" was.

I shook his hand and introduced myself to him. He told me he had to go to his dressing room and un bundle and would be back out to rehearse later. Once some of the other cast had arrived Jeff came back out onto the stage. He motioned up to me from the stage to come down from the seating area.

"So tell me about you," he asked.

I talked for a bit and told him that I was an aspiring soon-to-be-famous-actress in college, etc.

He asked me if he could rehearse his monologue to me. Of course I was much obliged. When Jeff started acting there was such a smooth transition from his speaking that I hardly knew he had started his monologue. He stared me straight in the eye as he delivered this amazing piece. I was wrapped up and involved in his character in an instant.

High school drama club hadn't prepared me for this level of talent to bounce off of. I was in awe when he finished, and he asked, "Did you think that was that OK?"

At that point he was getting very very flirty.

The house manager came in a few seconds later and said, "Alright Jeff, getbackstage, we've got to start seating."

"See you after the show," he said.

"Break a leg," I responded.

Then immediately felt like a total retard for wishing Jeff Goldblum good luck. The show was magnificent from every aspect.

Afterwards I helped to clean up the theatre, and was invited out to a party at someones apt. with the cast and crew. I was barely 19 and could tell that the party was going to involve some shady shit that I wasn't ready for. I saw Jeff one more time before I left. He asked if I was coming out for drinks, but I said no. I had never even had an alcoholic drink before!

I went home that night and ordered take in from the Applebee's that I worked at for a day.

Later in the year Jeff Goldblum married a 20 year old aspiring actress.

I guess I should have gone to that party :)

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