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Monday, July 13, 2009

Attack Of The Tween Audition Panel

Last week I attended an open call for a short film about Soap Opera Actors who are out of touch with reality. Perfect for me!

Upon getting to the location about 150 bitches had already gotten there before me.
I still looked better, but it wouldn't take much. (See the below audition fashion horrors post.)

The line was just to sign in but it didn't move for a good 45 minutes.

Once I finally got to the front of the line, I noticed the film production company was a program run by all teenagers.

I was immediately overwhelmed with all the acne, and wished I had brought a bottle of Oxy with me as a peace offering.

There was a respected casting director on hand helping with the open call, which made things a bit more credible.

Around 2 hours and 400 actors later, my name was called and we were split into groups of 6, one person for each character in the 4 page script.

Then Jennifer with pigtails asked me to read the role of Diane.

When I looked at the script the age range for Diane was 40-57!

I thought, I know your 12 or something, but do I really look 40 to you!?

Nether less, it didn't matter much because I had three words to say in the four page script.

I had better make it one hell of a good "George! You're back!"

So I walk in the room and there are two long tables lined with about 14 tweens and the Casting director.

The actors reading with me really screwed up, dropped lines, and lost there places. I got my three words right on cue, and with serious commitment.

Still though, only one the group got a call back and it wasn't me.

That's right. A bunch of twat faced teenagers threw me out on my ass, and I didn't even get a Twilight DVD as a thank you.

Another day, another audition.

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