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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Christmas Bitch

During my first few weeks of college, I applied for a job at the school's Library as a "Library Tech". I didn't know what I would be doing but it sure made me sound smart!

I didn't really care how I made money, as long as I could save up for my first head shot session, which would surely make me a superstar. Looking back, those first black and white head shots didn't make anything accept the bad head shot wall of fame.
During my first few shifts at the Library, I was trained in the Dewey Decimal System, which is some way to complicated crap that I still don't understand.
My co-workers were other students, and my two managers,Shasquanda and Pedro, who had real desks behind our little kiosk area.
Some of my daily duties were signing up students up for new Library cards, shelving books and asking everyone to pay late fee balances when they checked items in and out.
I worked there for close to three months, without much drama.
Come December, I was excited when we had a sign up for a Christmas Secret Santa Swap.
We had to put three items under $40 on our list, for the person who picked our name.
The girl who's name I drew wanted GAP perfume or DVD. Easy enough.
I still didn't know NYC very well but I schlepped all around on the trains trying to find the perfume to buy her,ending up at South Street Seaport.
When I finally found it they had a large size ($45) and a smaller one for about $25.
I bought the smaller size one because I was broke, wrapped it in a cute gift bag and added some festive X Mas candy. Obviously, I had yet to discover China Town vendors.
When we all got back to work after Christmas break, no one would talk to me.
I got a few cold hello's and a bunch of dirty looks.
I had no idea what was going on, until a few days later I got an Instant Message from a co-worker.

"How could u give that small perfume as a gift u should have gotten the large one she wanted, that was cheap yo"

The girl had complained to everyone I worked with, including the managers that I hadn't spent enough on her secret Santa gift.
I had been officially ousted from the library tech inner circle.
I had been branded as the cheap, mean, ungiving, unthoughtful, nativity set burning Christmas bitch.
About a 15 days later the manager who was close friends with the girl, told me that I was shelving books in the wrong order. Shashquanda gave me an ultimatum.
Take a "credited" course on the Dewey Decimal System, which I would have to pay for out of my pocket, or be fired.
I guess the perfume had tipped them off that I didn't have much money so this was a sure way to get rid of me!
Those Fuckers!
I stood there wishing the Christmas spirit of baby Jesus to strike them dead.
For the crap they were paying me, it would not have been worth my while to pay for the class.
On the other hand, I don't think there is a class in the world that could make me understand the dewy decimal system.
I sadly packed my belongings, and left my first smart sounding job.

I'm to traumatized to ever sign up for another Secret Santa.

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