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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Starving actress tip of the day: How to smell like $150 when you only have 1

One morning back in 2003, I was running very late for an open call at Ripley Grier Studios.
It was pouring rain, my hair had flattened, and my supposed waterproof mascara had smudged all over my eyes.
I had looked so put together when I left my apt, but now I looked like I had rolled out of bed after wild sex, and a coke binge the night before.
The pressed powder compact and lipgloss in my purse was going to do nothing to help this mess.

Just as I climbed up the subway stairs, I noticed a black and white awning from the morning haze.
It was a Sephora store, a better savior than Jesus H. Christ himself.

I went inside, did my entire face over with Chanel,Dior, and the most expensive makeup I could find.
I sprayed on a sample of the $160 Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, because I only sample the ones I could never afford, and was off to my audition looking and smelling faboosh.

That was the first of many times Sephora has saved my ass, and as a poor starving actress/diva in training, you should be putting this magical place to good use as well.

Wearing expensive makeup and perfume not only makes you look hotter, it makes you feel hotter and boosts confidence.
All of which are key factors to success in this industry.

Many of Sephora's staff are trained makeup artists who will do your entire face over for free before a big event, party or audition- no questions asked.

So go out there and find your nearest Sephora and roll around in some Chanel. If you don't feel better about yourself afterwards than nothing will help you.
Accept maybe a nice valium/vodka cocktail.