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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do The Numbers Mean!?

In the past few weeks I have been having some odd number coincidences which are creeping me out, and making me slightly paranoid.
I have always considered my birth digits 2/29/84 to be my "lucky numbers" and take it as good sign when they appear.

But in the past month they have been bombarding me.
For instance, street and building addresses or apartments I need to go to are 229 or 284,or 849,29 etc. Random phone calls are coming into my cell phone with 2984 and 29 in them every day.
I'll randomly look at the clock randomly and the time will be 2:29.
Cashing out at stores my totals have rung up to the digits $2.84,$29.84,$8.29 and $2.29 more than once.
My life is starting to feel like an episode of Lost. Will my head explode if I don't enter the numbers in every 108 minutes?
What do the numbers mean?

I have decided that either I'm going to die soon,(so positive, I know) or the universe is sending me a message that I am on the right path. Hopefully it is option #2. Nether less I find it very odd.