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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My First Air Conditioner

It was my third summer in NYC, and I had recently moved into a bedroom rental in the 140's & Riverside Drive.

The room had no air conditioning, so I survived the first few Spring/Summer months with fans.
Once the hot NYC summer really set in, I knew I had no other choice for survival than to buy a small AC unit.

The major problem was that I had no money.
I was surviving on part time jobs, handing out flyer's for a 9/11 Memorial museum and freelance cater watering.

Every penny that I made went into food, bills and rent.
Air conditioners were for rich people and I wasn't sure that I would ever reach that level of privileged New Yorkerness.
Instead, I worked eight hours a day in the heat and came home to a hot muggy room that was hard to sleep in.

One day, everything changed with a phone call from a major NYC casting company.
They told me I had been picked by the director of a spec commercial for a lead role.

Being a non-union actor at the time, I knew this was going to make me rich. Probably $300!

After a meeting with the director, I had officially got the part.
I would play "creative type wife!"--my big break!
The best thing, was that I knew my check would be enough to cover buying my first air conditioner.

After a wardrobe fitting and arriving on set I was told that the spec part had no lines,. It was just a quick time still photo type promo shoot.
Though the confidence in my acting ability went downhill, I had a great days work mugging for the camera while wearing expensive clothes I could never have afforded myself.

Once I finished filming on set in SOHO, I noticed an electronics shop two blocks down.
I walked over and bought the cheapest air conditioner I could find, and excitedly hailed a cab uptown.

I then lugged that heavy thing all the way inside and up to the 11th floor. I dragged that bitch into my apt like my life depended on it, and it did.

Once the AC was in my room I took a rest break before trying to install it on my own.

I could see the Hudson River from my bedroom so if it fell out the window at least I wouldn't kill anyone on the street side.

After an hour of desperately grabbing my AC so it wouldn't crash 11 stories to it's death, I had secured the window unit.
I was drenched in sweat and pretty grateful at that point for the blast of cold air that erupted once I hit the power button.

I laid on my bed and enjoyed my first blasts of AC in my uptown bedroom.

Success had never had never felt sweeter.

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