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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Is Donald Trump conspiring to elect Hillary?

Donald Trump. He gives no fucks. He apologizes for nothing and backs down for no one. America loves to hate him, and stupider, crazier shit flies out of his mouth daily. He's now insulted Mexicans, war hero's, veterans, and most Republicans. The Des Moines register has called for him to "pull the plug on his side show", and many think he is making a mockery of the presidential election. 

For every person who think he's an idiot, double that many like his in your face, point blank style. In fact, in the past few days, his number have surged in the GOP polls. As of this week, 24 percent of registered Republicans favor him-gaining the biggest lead of any GOP candidate. Bush, Christie, Cruz and Paul's numbers have all been steadily declining in "The Donald's" wake. These numbers are important because they will determine who will qualify for the first Republican debate on August 6th in Cleveland. Only the top ten will be participating. And let's be honest-with Trump involved, we ALL cannot wait to see the hot mess that will be. Trump isn't the only mess to throw his hat in the ring though. From a public standpoint, it appears that the entire Republican party has gone off the rails on a crazy train, Ozzy Osbourne style. 

In Donald's speech announcing his candidacy, he spilled some serious truth tea about this country and politics. Though i'm a liberal Democrat, I personally loved it. I found it refreshing, because I love people who aren't afraid to speak their mind. I even told a few people that he was going to make it to the end of this race, which they of course laughed at. Judging by the current numbers, I might still be right. The fact that Trump is getting more media attention than legit politicians speaks volumes about the current state of America. Every day our culture becomes more hashtag, social media, celebrity, and reality TV obsessed than ever. Everyone loves to watch a train wreck, and comedians are rejoicing in the gold mine of material that this GOP race is providing, all thanks to Trump.

During the past few weeks, as Trumps statements have become increasingly ridiculous, more and more people are growing convinced Donald Trump is actually a plant to help the Democratic party. A "double agent" if you will. The conspiracy theories are running rampant online, and some make very valid arguments. Even Al Sharpton has come forward this week with evidence that Trump is a secret Democrat. Past clips of Trump reveal him saying he is a Hillary supporter, that he endorses higher taxes for the wealthy and is "very pro choice". It is also undeniable that Trump has many deep ties to Democrats. A major democratic fundraiser, Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel (CEO of William Morris-Endevour) works as Donald's agent. In 2011 Donald donated $50,000 to Ari's brother, Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign. Trump has a very long history of writing checks to support Democrats. In addition to donating money to Hillary Clinton in the past, Bill and Hillary were also guests at his last wedding. 

The truth is, Donald Trump is a very smart, very connected man, which leads me to think this all could easily be big act. Trump is smart enough to know that he has a snowballs chance in hell of actually getting into the White House, but no money can buy the kind of press he is getting right now. 
No one seriously running for office would be spewing endless offensive bullshit. Instead of having his speech writers police him, he probably has them writing all of this crazy stuff to get more attention. I'm sure he goes home and laughs at the rise in his numbers, as he gets more offensive. His endless money also ensures that he will not have to drop out of the race as many do, due to lack of donations. 

If the poll's continue in his favor, he will likely face Hillary in the general election.
Trump's obnoxious, blunt style basically insures a win for Hillary, or whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2016. You must admit, the "phantom candidate" is a pretty ingenious Shonda Rhimes, Scandal worthy plot. Only time will tell if it works or not, or if he is in fact, just this oblivious. 

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